Scar Stories

The pictures below are real but the names changed.  If you wish to share your experience with other people, then please contact us via the contact button and we can publish your data.  Good or bad it is important that people can understand the affect that scars have and what treatment is available.





Sarah was and is a very inquisitive child.  As a young baby she was always picking things up and liked anything that was bright and shiny.  Unfortunately one day the object that caught her attention was a hot coffee cup on a glass table.  She reached out for the coffee cup and fell through the table, cutting her face.  The hot coffee then fell on her face so that she was burned on top of the cuts.  


Sarah's parents were told that she would be fine, but likely to scar quite badly.  Her parents knew the potential implications for a child growing up with severe scars and got in contact with the company that supplied Kelo-cote.  A sample was sent and Kelo-cote was applied twice daily for  a period of 4 months.  You can see from the bottom picture that Sarah had an excellent outcome.  The small lines that Sarah has will disappear as she gets older and the early treatment has ensured that Sarah will not have any disfiguring scars that could affect her as she gets older


This website has been possible due to an Educational grant provided by Sinclair Pharmaceuticals, providers of Kelo-Cote scar Gel.  We would like to thank Sinclair Pharmaceuticals for thier generous support

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